Thank you for visiting Emm West!

My name is Caitlan Olson, and I am so excited to be on this journey of growing a company!

I started Emm West in January of 2020 for myself and my boys! The name Emm West comes from my sons named Emmett and Weston, to honor them. I want to be able to show them I can work while healing from Lyme Disease and other ailments. Dealing with a chronic illness is a journey of its own that makes it challenging to effectively work a traditional job. Due to those challenges, I realized starting something myself that allowed me a level of freedom to be able to work at my own pace was necessary.

By chance, I decided that earrings were something that I could make my own.
I developed a passion for the process by learning what does and doesn’t work while making my own earrings. I made hundreds of pairs of earrings to find that beauty I was looking for. I discovered early that I wanted to ensure I was using high quality leather products for my customers from locally sourced Wisconsin companies. Within the first month, I made over 500 pairs of earrings. I honor important women in my life by naming earrings after them.

Once I developed styles of earrings that I was proud of, I started contacting local boutiques about selling Emm West earrings in their shops and have ongoing relationships with many of them. I am addicted to the reaction women have when they buy Emm West earrings and am dedicated to doing everything I
can to grow this passion of mine!

Each woman should be recognized for all they are, be made to feel worthy, and feel empowered in their lives. Emm West gives me that and I hope to share it with you!

You’re worthy, always know that.